Workshop: Benefits of Technical Agreements: Before vs. After

This worshop will be organized by NGO Aktiv withing the project Promoting and Communicating Benefits of the Dialogue facilitated by the EU.

The presentation itself will include an encompassing and overall analysis of all technical agreements signed by Belgrade and Prishtina in the process of the Brussels dialogue, facilitated by the EU. After listing and explaining all the technical agreements, two lecturers will focus on the period before the Brussels dialogue framework was established, following an overview of the process of that lead to these agreements. Consequently, lecturers will focus on the process of the implementation of technical agreements, while focusing on its positive impact, especially its influence on Kosovo Serb community. The audience, that is young people (15-20 participants), will have the chance to share their opinion on this matter, as well to discuss the topic with lecturers.


28 maja 2019


All of the day
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