The largest survey of public opinion was conducted in four Serbian municipalities in northern Kosovo by the Platform for Analysis and Research under the name: “The views of the citizens in the north of Kosovo: political, economic and security aspects”. This research was presented within the framework of our platform for lobbying “Empirica”.

This research was conducted from May to June 2015., included four focus groups ( one for each municipality in north of Kosovo ), 12 interviews and 799 questionaires. Research will bi used for writing three policy brief on the topic of EU perspective, security and the language rights.

Platform for analysis and research are consisted from 14 NGOs operating in Norht Kosovo, financed from EU and implemented from NGO Aktiv from Norht Mitrovica and Center for piece and tolerance from Gračanica.

Panelists on the conference were:

Libor Chlad, Deputy Head of the Department for Cooperation in the office of EU mission in Kosovo

Dejan Radivojević, (TBC) policy and local sustainable development advisor, from Deputy prime minister office

Miodrag Milićević, NGO Aktiv executive director

Nikola Jović, researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade.

“Empirica” serves to provide space to all organizations and individuals to showcase their research and get attention from the public and point to the necessity of solving some problems.

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