While the authorities in Priština and Belgrade continue with the rhetoric of whether or not there will be mutual recognition, messages coming from the European union suggest that ‘’dialogue will be given the time needed and will not be accelerated artificially but there should not be unnecessary delays either’’. What could be expected from Brussels, that is, what kind of policy towards the process of normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia can be expected from the EU in the next year, in which Kosovo will have early parliamentary elections?

Guests of Sporazoom are Florian Bieber, Director of the Center for Southeast European Studies at the University of Graz, Dragan Đukanović, Director of the Center for Foreign Policy in Belgrade, and Agron Bajrami, Editor-in-Chief of Koha Ditore.

Sporazoom will be broadcasted on TV Mir, TV Herc, TV Kim, TV Plus, and our Facebook page on Wednesday, 23 December, at 21.00h.

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