Organized crime and corruption pose a major security threat in Kosovo and are just as well obstacles for the visa liberalization and progress in the EU integration process. Where stands the fight against organized crime amid pre-election promises of the Self-determination (Vetevendosje) Movement and realistic capacities of the Kosovo institutions?

The new “Sporazum” show is hosted by the Kosovo BIRN Executive Director, Jeta Xharra, Kossev portal editor-in-chief, Tatjana Lazarevic, and News Director at Newsmax Adria in Serbia, Slobodan Georgijev.

The “Sporazum” show is broadcast on Wednesday, March 31, at 9 pm on the following channels: TV Mir, TV Herc, TV Kim, and TV Puls, as well as on the Sporazoom Facebook page.

Teaser 1:

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Full episode:

TV report:

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