With only few technical problems on the ground, Kosovo’s early parliamentary elections on February 14 came about regularly. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, surprises occurred neither during the prelection campaign nor when the polls closed. Albin Kurti’s Self-determination Movement (Vetevendosje) won the majority of votes; the exact number is yet to be officially confirmed. Srpska Lista won the majority of votes within the Kosovo Serb Community.

We will talk about why and how these outcomes took place with analyst Jeta Krasniqi, journalist Tanja Vujisić and the Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture Executive Director Dušan Radaković, who is also a Regional Coordinator for Northern Kosovo on behalf of the NGOs coalition “Democracy in Action” that monitored Kosovo elections.

Sporazoom will be broadcasted on Wednesday, February 17, at 9.00 pm, on the following TV channels: Mir, Kim, Herc and Plus, as well as on our Facebook page.

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