After the import of goods from Serbia to Kosovo without taxes and the trade were gradually reestablished, the question has arisen whether and how the continuation of the interrupted dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade will take place. What format will be used if the continuation of the dialogue takes place? How will parliamentary elections in Serbia scheduled for 21st of June and potential ones in Serbia influence the process of normalization?

The Show’s guests were: Milan Antonijević, Executive Director of Open Society Serbia, Lulzim Peci, Director of KIPRED Institute and Goran Avramović, Editor in Chied of RTV KiM from Čaglavica.

New Sporazoom episode will be aired on Wednesday, 20th of May at 21pm, on following TV stations: Mir, KiM, Herc, Puls, Mitrovica, as well as on Facebook profile of the Sporazoom TV show.



TV report:

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