Trend Analysis 2020: Attitudes of the Serbian Community in Kosovo

This year’s edition of Trend Analysis is the sixth in a row since 2015, when the NGO AKTIV started this research. 

Trend Analysis 2019: Attitudes of the Serbian Community in Kosovo

The document that you find in front of you is research that has been carried out by NGO Aktiv for five years in a row, in the goal of identifying the most significant attitudes and perceptions held by Serb community in Kosovo

Minority rights status in Kosovo: Challenges and obstacles

The past several years in Kosovo have wrought a number of developments that have triggered fundamental shifts in its internal and external political dynamics

Civic Energy Center Annual Publication

The Civic Energy Center (CEC) is a social center whose main purpose is to support civil initiatives and promote a culture of open dialogue on relevant policies and practices related to Serbs in Kosovo.

Mutual Perceptions of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo

Historical relations of Serbs and Albanian in the Western Balkans are marked with long lasting animosities and permanent tensions. Hostile sentiment prevailed over ethnic tolerance enthusiasm promoted in post-World War II Yugoslavia

Citizens' attitudes in the north of Kosovo

Creation of a sustainable framework for civic activism and democratic decision making within institutions of local and central levels in Kosovo

Empirica: annual publication 2017/18

The Citizens’ Advocacy Platform “Empirica” was created in need for non-majority communities in Kosovo to encourage greater participation in the decision-making process, both at the local and central level

Kosovo: Special Passport Zone

Loosely defined provisions of Brussels agreements that leaves too much space to arbitrary interpretations, inconsistent implementation of the agreements, national laws and by-laws

Textbooks issue: Local problems - regional practice

The problem presented in this report summarizes and gives a chronological view of the issue regarding textbooks for children of Serb ethnicity in Kosovo who attend elementary and secondary schools 

Access to documents in Kosovo: the main obstacle to the integration of non-majority communities

Freedom of movement in Kosovo is a human right that has been under discussion since theend of the conflict. The issue of freedom of movement has been in the focus for decades

Trend Analysis: Citizens Opinion Survey in North Kosovo

Trend analysis is a regular survey of citizens’ opinions in North Kosovo that AKTIV has been conducting since 2015.

POINT ONE: Kosovo Parliamentary Election 2017 – results from the perspective of Northern Kosovo Serbs

Political crisis in Kosovo caused by dysfunctional internal relations between parties constituting ruling coalition in Kosovo resulted with extraordinary election set for Jun 2017.

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