Civic Energy Center (CEC) is a social center that supports civil initiatives and promotes a culture of open dialogue on relevant political issues and practices related to the Serbian community in Kosovo. The purpose of CEC in north Kosovo is to create a public space that will connect local civil society with leading, local desicion makers.

The Center gathers citizens, NGOs, CSOs, government representatives, media and activitists together in order to faciliate open dialogue between them, and encourage them to participate in the fostering of a new social reality. The Center is a platform for public opinion to be heard. Its goal is to contribute to the developpment of democracy, a culture of open discussion and debate and the identification of shared solutions to current political, economical and social issues.

Forum Theater: The Hidden faces

The cast of the NGO Artpolis played a show representing a synthesis of a current issue: gender-based violence with ambient comfort and privacy that going to psychotherapy offers. The play was held on Thursday, June 21st at the Center for Civic Energy. Five different...

Sporazoom XII: Kosovo online

Twelfth epizode of TV show Sporazoom "Kosovo online"  and other episodes, you can find on our youtube channel. Stay tuned!

Sporazoom XI: Kosovo and elections

Take a look at the eleventh episode of political talk show Sporazoom, on the topic "Kosovo and elections". Stay tuned!

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