Palokaj: The unreachable Agreement

Augustin Palokaj, a correspondent of Prishtina’s Koha Ditore and Zagreb’s Jutarnji list, has stated

SporaZoom Special – The need for a reset of the Dialogue

Guests of the special edition of Sporazoom TV show were Bodo Webber and Dušan Janjić.

Movie as an audio-visual means of social criticism: Punk’s Not Dead (North Macedonia)

The existence of conflicts in particular societies with its own inherent different characteristics, isn’t only a feature of Kosovo society.

Presentation on the benefits of technical agreements: before vs. After

On 28th of May 2019, two prominent politologysts, Stefan Surlić and Igor Novaković, had a three-session presentation

Forum Future: we will have a serious problem if there is no agreement between Belgrade and Pristina

A comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo is necessary.



Practice of participation of Kosovo Serbs representatives at local and central level decision making circles insofar was very poor. Consensus on substantial and far-reaching participation of Kosovo Serbs in Kosovo political system was never reached. Under such circumstances, there were no accountability driven incentives of civil sector to engage in the process of advocacy at central level of governance. 



TV Show “Sporazum” is a political talk show which was created with the aim to inform people and open debates on important political questions and challenges facing Kosovo. The idea of this TV Show is to initiate discussion on burning political issues of Kosovo not only on local, but also on regional level, thus to affect citizen perceptions on these matters in Kosovo, Serbia and further.



Mitrovica Social Club comprises of a series of debates which intend to provide a platform for inclusive discussion in order to contribute to a culture of open debate in North Mitrovica. The concept of Mitrovica Social Club was developed by AKTIV in 2014, and aims to create open-dialogue framework for citizens of northern Kosovo. The idea behind Mitrovica Social Club was to open Mitrovica to different ideas 



Aktiv created a concept in 2018 that would prove to be a pioneer in the dialogue process on the future relationship between Serbs and Albanians, in the building of public interests and in the opening of a space for the furthering of dialogue between the two communities on political and other topics that affect citizens. Forum Future involves expert-level discussions on themes that are connected to the historical




Point one (.1) je platforma za kvalitativna istraživanja, istraživanja javnog mnjenja i statističke analize. Cilj ovog projekta je da uspostavi i osnaži obučenu grupu analitičara koja će moći da sprovodi statističke analize podataka dobijenih sprovođenjem kvantitativnih i kvalititativnih istraživanja, kao i da prezentuje ove podatke na efektan i interesantan način koristeći GIS softvere. 




The School of European Integration was created in 2014 in Mitrovica as an alternative centre of knowledge, education and networking. It is implemented by NGO Aktiv and the European Movement in Serbia and, is financed by the Kosovo Centre for Open Society. Over the past five years, through their participation in the school’s programmes, more than 250 local representatives have gained practical knowledge 



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Free use As an organization that wishes to facilitate the development of direct democracy in north Kosovo, the CEC provides its premises free of charge to any NGO/CSO with seeks to use it in order to foster democratic values. 

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Workshop on transitional justice

Humanitarian Law Center has organized a workshop on transitional justice with an aim of increasing knowledge about transitional justice and dealing with the past among young people. The workshop was organized for members of Serb community, where Bekim Blakaj, director...

Directly from the Brussels

In the new episode of TV show Sporazoom, the guest was Augustin Palokaj, correspondent of Prishtina’s Koha Ditore and Zagreb’s Jutarnji list, where he talked about possibilities of reaching a comprehensive agreement between Belgrade and Prishtina, in the light of...

Education in Serbian language in Kosovo

European Center for Minority Issues in Kosovo has organized a conference on 26th of June in Civic Energy Center, where a report titled ‘Education in Serbian language in Kosovo’ was presented. Project coordinator of ECMI Kosovo Aleksandar Arsić and researcher Dijana...

Palokaj: The unreachable Agreement

Augustin Palokaj, a correspondent of Prishtina’s Koha Ditore and Zagreb’s Jutarnji list, has stated, during the open lecture, that there is no tangible perspective of visa liberalization for Kosovo in the nearer future. He talked about the current processes undergoing...

SporaZoom Special – The need for a reset of the Dialogue

Guests of the special edition of Sporazoom TV show were Bodo Webber, from the Berlin’s Democratization Policy Council, Dušan Janjić, political analyst from Belgrade and Veton Surroi, writer and publicist, where discussion about normalization of regional relations has...


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