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Civic Energy Center (CEC) is a social center that supports civil initiatives and promotes a culture of open dialogue on relevant political issues and practices related to the Serbian community in Kosovo. The purpose of CEC in north Kosovo is to create a public space that will connect local civil society with leading, local desicion makers. The Center gathers citizens, NGOs, CSOs, government representatives, media and activitists together in order to faciliate open dialogue between them, and encourage them to participate in the fostering of a new social reality. The Center is a platform for public opinion to be heard. Its goal is to contribute to the developpment of democracy, a culture of open discussion and debate and the identification of shared solutions to current political, economical and social issues. The founder of CEC is KFOS (Kosovo Foundation for Open Society) and its users are all non-governmental organizations in north Kosovo that will use it in order to promote democratic values and a culture of open dialogue. NGO “Aktiv” is charged with overseeing the day-to-day workings of the Center, as well as for the coordinatation of activities with civil sector in Kosovo and the surrounding region.

1. Topics and types of activities

All organizations who commit to use the center and its’ premises appropriately, to not abet the spread of hate speech or to use the center for commercial purposes are welcome to take advantage of the resources that the CEC offers. The overriding goal of the CEC is to foster a culture of open discussion and tolerance and only organizations that respect this spirit will be permitted to use it. Topics and activities that can be organized in the Civic Energy Center are primarily connected with the life of the Serbian community in Kosovo and that deal with the promotion of human and minority rights, as well as open discussion and the finding of solutions to political, economical and social problems that exist in Kosovo. Activities that may be organized in the Civic Energy Center are as follows: o Public discussions and round tables All organizations that want to initiate a public discussion on any topic that falls within a scope of values that CEC is fostering (i.e. economic development, unemployment, discrimination, the protection of human and minority rights, environmental protection and tolerance) can use the space of Civic Energy Center to do so. o Conferences All organizations that want to organize press conferences or conferences for donors, on any topic that falls within a scope of values that CEC promotes, can use the space of the Center to do so. o Research presentations All organizations that want to present their research, as well as any kind of scientific study, concerned with the topics and values that CEC promotes, can do so within the scope of our advocacy platform “Empirica”. We commit to offering them technical and logistical support, as assistance in ensuring media coverage of the event. For more information, see section – “Empirica”. o Trainings, workshops, summer schools, seminars All organizations that want to organize trainings, workshops, summer schools, seminars and similar activities that fall within the scope of our thematic framework, or promote democratic values and culture of public discussion, can do so in the Civic Energy Center. If an organization wishes to organize any type of activity that is not mentioned in this list, or wish to deal with a topic that is not directly included in our thematic framework, should first contact and consult the Manager of the Center . For more information, please refer to section – “Contact”.

2. Free use

As an organization that wishes to facilitate the development of direct democracy in north Kosovo, the CEC provides its premises free of charge to any NGO/CSO with seeks to use it in order to foster democratic values. The CEC offers to interested NGOs high-capacity space, technical support as well as media visibility.. Should organizations using CEC facilitates and resources wish to provide participants with refreshments or materials not made available to them by the center they must do so at their own expense.

3. Scheduling

the space and procedure of organizing the event *Before the event* CEC premises must be reserved five (5) days in advance of the event itself. This can be done either by filling in the form on our official website (please consult the section “Booking”) , or by contacting the management of the Center directly. *During the event* While using the Center, it is necessary to distribute attendance lists, copies of which will afterwards be sent to the Center for archiving. If the organization does not have its own forms for such lists, the official form of our Center will be used for these purposes. *After the event* After the event, the organizers are obligated to fill the “Statistical Report” which they will receive from the management of the Center. This document was designed for simplicity and will contribute to the CEC’s ability to evaluate its own work and services provided.

4. Rules of conduct

Users of the Center are obligated to behave responsibly with Center resources. In order to keep and preserve its high capacity, management of the Center adopted a policy of direct, personal responsibility for any potential damage incurred during its use. That means that the main coordinator / director / official representative of the organization that organizes its activities in our Center will guarantee that the Center will be returned in the same state as it was given. (This statement will also include indemnity for potential damage, cleaning of the Center after the event etc.)

5. Advocacy and lobbying platform “Empirica“

The “Empirica“ advocacy and lobbying platform is one of the products of Civic Energy Center that seeks to promote the participation of civil-society organizations in the decision making process. Within this platform, all civil organizations that wish to present their research or study, that falls within the scope of our thematic and value framework, are invited to do so in the space of our Center. These organizations commit that their research or study represents a real, empirically driven and objective image of the problem, as well as that, in case of public opinion polls, represent a methodologically sound view of public opinion. It is desirable that organizations give us the right to publish their materials on our official website, with the intention of increasing visibility and highlighting the importance of a particular problem in local society. However, since the CEC is led by a principle of copyright and protection of confidential data, Center will not publish any research for which it did not receive official permission. On the other hand, all organizations that present their research or study within our platform “Empirica” are obligated to give us the abstract of their research that we will publish in our annual publication.

6. Keeping data confidential

We commit to maintain the highest level of integrity while cooperating with any organization, as well as to keep and protect all the private information received while working with them. The same is expected from those who cooperate with the CEC.

7. Legal framework

Our activities and advices will always be consistent with the legal framework, and we expect the same from the organizations that cooperate with us. It is strongly forbidden to violate, nor to threaten in any way the environment and principles of basic human rights, and everyone who uses the Center should always operate in accordance of the welfare of society as a whole.

8. Equality and non-discrimination

We commit that our activities and way of conducting the business will not in any way discriminate anyone on the basis of gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, age or disability. We expect the same from organizations that cooperate with us.

9. Ethics

We always conduct our business in a professional, fair and honest way, and we expect the same from the organization that cooperate with us. Our advice and technical and methodological assistance will always be consistent with basic ethical principles.

10. Quality assurance

In order to improve and develop the work of the Center, we are kindly ask all our users to complete a survey about the quality of the received service in which they will have the possibility to give us advice and recommendations on how we can improve our work.

11. Contact

For any additional question, information or recommendation, do not hesitate to contact us, either via email office@civicenergycenter.org , or by directly calling us on the phone +381 64 4117815.

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