Point One

Point One (.1) is a Platform for qualitative research of public opinion and statistical analysis of data. The purpose of the project is to establish and empower a trained group of analysts who will be capable of providing statistical analysis of data acquired through qualitative and quantitative research as well as present data in an effective and interesting manner using GIS-based softwares. Comprehensive trainings in these areas would greatly benefit the CSOs aiming to profile themselves as think tanks since they would become independent from commercial research companies who are usually hired to do the analysis of collected data. Building the research and analytical capacities of CSOs will lead to publication of a greater number of reports on the problems of communities and with the inputs from the members of those communities, which, in turn will provide enough material for fact-based advocacy campaigns. Such an approach will ensure the level of citizen-participation required for the sustainability of the proposed solutions and support the democratic processes in the communities in general.


Second GIS (geographical information system) training

Second GIS (Geographical Information System) training within Point One program held on 8th of May, 2016. in Civic Energy Center.


GIS (geographical information system) training

GIS (Geographical Information System) training within Point One program held on 9th of April in Civic Energy Center.


Training for statistical data analysis- SPSS

Training for statistical data analysis - SPSS, within Point One program was held in our Center. The aim of the training is to enable participants to work independently in SPSS. SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) - is one of today's most commonly used software for data analyzing . Although the name "statistical package for social sciences", this program is now also used in other sciences and fields such as medicine, marketing and others.


Implementation of the project "Point one"

Last week we started with the implementation of another project of the Center of civic energy - Point One. "Point One" is a project funded by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society and that tends to form a strong base for research activities in Northern Kosovo.

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