Mitrovica Social Club

Mitrovica Social Club comprises of a series of debates which intend to provide a platform for inclusive discussion in order to contribute to a culture of open debate in North Mitrovica. The concept of Mitrovica Social Club was developed by AKTIV in 2014, and aims to create open-dialogue framework for citizens of northern Kosovo. The idea behind Mitrovica Social Club was to open Mitrovica to different ideas and perspectives and promote certain topics other than only political, which are of interest to Serbian community in Kosovo, particularly: economy, unemployment, environment, youth violence, religion, culture, but also, current issues from the international scene. The topics selected for this project reflect the needs of community which have been identified through AKTIV’s work in northern Kosovo over the last several years.


MSC: Discussing the Kosovo Army from a security perspective (VIDEO)

The Director of the Kosovo Center for Security Studies Fljorijan Ćehaja and security researcher Veroljub Petronic spoke on the topic of Kosovo Army.


MSC: Discussing the Kosovo Army from a security perspective

After a series of diplomatic failures, the official Pristina introduced Kosovo Army to citizens as a way of creating the impression that the current government's policy is successful, and that the Serbs, particularly in the North of Kosovo, should not be afraid because the existing legal framework reached between the NATO and Pristina prevents the Army from deploying in the North without KFOR`s approval. These are some of the conclusions presented last night in a debate on the transformation of the KSF into the army, organized by the NGO "Aktiv" in Kosovska Mitrovica.


MSC: Civil Sector in Kosovo: Potentials, Cooperation and Chances (VIDEO)

The MSC Debate on the Civil Sector in Kosovo, held in Pristina on December 12th, can be watched on the Aktiv`s YouTube channel. Naim Rasiti, the Director of the Balkan Policy Research Group (BPRG), Dejan Radivojević, the Director of the NGO Forum for Development and Multiethnic Cooperation, and Boban Simić, Head of the Aktiv`s Office in Prishtina, spoke on this topic.


Civil sector in Kosovo, cooperation and chances

Cooperation between Serbian and Albanian NGOs in Kosovo is fairly good, but there is a huge space for improvement. This was, among other things, said at the Mitrovica Social Club organized in Pristina by the NGO "Aktiv" from North Mitrovica.


Invitation - Civil Society in Kosovo: Potential, Cooperation and Opportunities

Dear Sir or Madam: We would like to invite you to a Mitrovica Social Club Debate on “Serbian and Albanian Civil Society Sector in Kosovo: Cooperation and Opportunities”, that will be held on Wednesday, the 12th of December in the ‘Dit e Nat’ Café in Pristina.


MSC: Integration of the judiciary - a year later (VIDEO)

The debate of the Mitrovica Social Club - "Integration of the judiciary - a year later" can be viewed on the Aktiv`s YouTube channel. The speakers at the debate were a judge of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, Jelena Krivokapić, and the Executive Director of the NGO Center for the Advocacy of Democratic Culture (ADCD) Dušan Radaković.


MSC: Integration of the judiciary - a year later

A year has passed since the integration of Serbian judges and prosecutors into the Kosovo judicial system. Judge of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, Jelena Krivokapic, says that "the single greatest advantage of the integration may be that the citizens do not have to seek justice in two different courts, that is, in two different legal systems.”


MSC: Partition or...what's the solution? (VIDEO)

A new MSC debate: "Border correction or...what's the solution?" was held on the 13th of September in the Mitrovica Social Club Cafe. Political blogger and legal expert Marko Jaksic and political analyst Ljubomir Stanojkovic from Silovo discussed the proposal to divide territory between Albanians and Serbs and the potential partition of Kosovo as well as other alternative solutions to the "Kosovo problem."

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