Advocacy Platform "Empirica"

Practice of participation of Kosovo Serbs representatives at local and central level decision making circles insofar was very poor. Consensus on substantial and far-reaching participation of Kosovo Serbs in Kosovo political system was never reached. Under such circumstances, there were no accountability driven incentives of civil sector to engage in the process of advocacy at central level of governance. However, recent political events and opening of the public spaces has, created a liability of civil sector to engage in advocacy at policy level and monitoring of the work of local and central government. Advocacy platform envisaged through this program aims to create the framework for converged advocacy initiatives in northern Kosovo and further Kosovo Serb community. The platform will aim to gather CSOs, discuss the prime areas of interest of the Serbian community, develop proposals and policy recommendations and deliver them to decision makers at central and local level. and promote the researches, studies, policy papers and similar which offers empirical evidences for substantiation of existing local, national and regional policies of concern for Kosovo Serb community. Through creation of recognizable identity, advocacy and communication channels with Kosovo decision makers (both local and national level), and assurance of substantial visibility (media coverage), “Empirica” will sought to became a central advocacy platform for civil society organizations in northern Kosovo and wider, Kosovo level and region, on the matters of interests of Kosovo Serb community (minority rights, cultural heritage, rule of law, human rights etc.) and developmental initiatives (economic development, social equity, environmental initiatives, local democratic practices etc).



Freedom of movement for Serbian citizens residing in Kosovo, holders of passports issued by the Republic of Serbia, is under a great threat due to limited use or inability to use such travel documents. This situation, above all is a result of loose determination in the Brussels Accords, which allowed for wide space for different interpretation, implementation, and later rise of bureaucratic problems in implementation.


Process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina

Forum "Process of normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina" was held on December 1st 2017, in the premises of NGO AKTIV. The forum "The process of normalization of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina" was organized into two panels. The first panel discussed a comprehensive agreement for the normalization of relations in the context of a legally binding act as a condition for further integration into the European Union of Belgrade and Pristina, while the second panel focused on the integration processes and the European perspectives of Serbia and Kosovo.


The problem of access to identity documents in Kosovo should be resolved as soon as possible

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Despite the fact that all Kosovo citizens have the right to dual citizenship and identity documents, Kosovo government fails to provide citizens with access to the most basic services.


Access to documents in Kosovo: the main obstacle in the integration of non-majority communities

On June, 27. NGO Aktiv organizes conference within the Advocacy platform Empirika, on the topic ‘’Access to documents in Kosovo: the main obstacle in the integration of non-majority communities’’. The conference will be held in the premises of the Civic Energy Center, at 11:00.


Textbooks issue: Local problems - regional practices

On the 29th of March NGO AKTIV organized a Conference on the issue of distribution and import of textbooks from Serbia for schools and students in Kosovo that use the curriculum of the Republic of Serbia. The Conference was organized in Pristina within AKTIV’s advocacy platform “Empirica” and its purpose was to alert Kosovo institutions and professionals to obstacles in the implementation of curriculum that mostly affect the students.


Empirica: Information Campaign about the Agreement on License Plates Essential

Four CSOs from northern Kosovo (ACDC, Human Center, Radio Kontakt Plus, and Aktiv) organised a conference within the framework of the advocacy platform Empirica about the agreement reached between Belgrade and Pristina on license plates. The meeting resulted in a call for an information campaign to be conducted by the sides that took part in the dialogue, including the Office of the EU in Kosovo.


The First Empirica Calls for the Transparency of Brussels Dialogue

Representatives of five CSOs from northern Kosovo (NGO Aktiv, OEK Sinergija, NGO ACDC, Human Center, and Radio Kontakt Plus) took part in the debate about the transparency of the Brussels dialogue, within the framework of the advocacy platform "Empirica", on 17 October at the Civic Energy Center in North Mitrovica.


Empirica VI - Trend Analysis

Today, at the Civic Energy Center were presented the results of the study that NGO Aktiv conducted under the title "Citizens' Attitudes in Northern Kosovo". The survey was conducted with questionnaires on a sample of 909 respondents from northern Kosovo. The findings of the study were presented by NGO Aktiv's Programme Director, Milica Andrić.

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