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Latest news

MSC: Discussing the Kosovo Army from a security perspective (VIDEO)

The Director of the Kosovo Center for Security Studies Fljorijan Ćehaja and security researcher Veroljub Petronic spoke on the topic of Kosovo Army.

MSC: Discussing the Kosovo Army from a security perspective

After a series of diplomatic failures, the official Pristina introduced Kosovo Army to citizens as a way of creating the impression that the current government's policy is successful, and that the Serbs, particularly in the North of Kosovo, should not be afraid because the existing legal framework reached between the NATO and Pristina prevents the Army from deploying in the North without KFOR`s approval. These are some of the conclusions presented last night in a debate on the transformation of the KSF into the army, organized by the NGO "Aktiv" in Kosovska Mitrovica.

Appeal of the Empirica Advocacy Platform: The tax increase threatens to endanger regional stability

Members of the Empirica Advocacy Platform – civil society organizations who are signatories of this statement, wish to express their deep concern regarding recent initiatives and decisions introduced by Kosovo authorities that target the traffic of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. These decisions run counter to requirements defined by the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) and the contractual obligations of the Agreement on Stabilization and Association. Moreover, we are witness to the fact these unilateral actions contribute to a further worsening of security conditions in Kosovo, which pose a threat to the hard-won peace and take us ever-further from the dialogue process and normalization of relations.