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MSC: Socio-political criticism through artistic expression (VIDEO)

How much is socio-political criticism present on the artistic public scene today? In which area is it the most prominent and who are its bearers? What is the state of freedom of speech in our society? How efficient is it in today's time to express and sublimate your social, moral and political attitude through artistic expression?

Socio-political criticism through artistic expression

Art has always been carried out in the framework of the socio-political context. The cultural- artistic expression has historically been the first indicator of people's dissatisfaction with the way certain issues were, or were not dealt with. An artist inevitably deals with politics in its original form, the form that involves the constant engagement of a man in the process of creation of a better and more organized society, regardless of the potential high price. An artist must have a political stance, but it is very important for him to understand that having a political stance does not mean being politically defined at daily or party level. An artist must be aware that, even now at the time of neoliberal capitalism, and just like through all previous socio-economic formations, if he decides to have an idea, if he decides to criticize – he should forget the conformism of living.

Conference “Mutual perceptions between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo”

NGO Aktiv has the pleasure of inviting you to a Conference “Mutual Perceptions of Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo”